Grow Your Own Club

As a member you will gain access to our expert, timely, seasonal advice on growing vegetables to save you time and money and to improve your health.

How it works

Hi there, I'm Sarah the Gardener and I am here to rescue you from information overload and send you EXACTLY what you need to be doing in your garden EXACTLY when you need it!



Why should you grow your own food?
Growing your own food is a great way to save money as vegetables at the supermarket can cost a fortune. A family of four typically spends $40 to $80 per week which means you could save between $2,080 - $5,200 a year by growing your own food.

When a family grows their own food, their diet is more diverse and inherently healthier, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

When you grow your own food, you know what goes into it, how it’s fertilised, what pesticides are used and overall care.

How can we help you achieve this?
You can waste a lot of time and money trying to grow food so we provide you with all the ‘timely’ information you need EXACTLY when you need it!

The content is created as we go through each season and is created specifically for the current growing conditions. You can’t go wrong!

If you have any questions, get your questions answered by an expert! Sarah will personally respond and give you the best advice out there!



What do we provide you each week?
Each week you will receive a new module, each module is specifically designed for that particular week of the current growing season.

Each module includes what tasks need to be completed during that week, a comprehensive video demonstration, printable advice cards, advanced techniques and the opportunity to ask questions.

On sign up you will also receive 6 additional modules covering all the principles of growing. Modules include: Planning Your Garden, The Weedy Side of Things, Understanding Soil, Getting Ready to Transplant, Transplanting and Record Keeping.

What's in a module?
To give you an idea of what a module looks like, in Module One: Planning Your Garden, you will learn...

- How to plan and start your garden from our 30 minute video and demonstration.

- How to choose your spot and learn the fundamentals to choosing a great spot.

- How to draw and plan your garden on paper with our 'Garden Planner Grid'.

- How much space each vegetable needs to thrive from our 'Vegetable Spacing Chart.

- How to sow seeds. Receive a detailed guide that includes what pots to use, how to sow, labelling, watering, light, sowing outdoors, how to protect and timing.




What are our members saying?
I particularly appreciate how the Club resources are relevant, up-to-the minute, accessible and appropriate for the season and my situation as a home gardener. They are detailed enough for me to learn from, but not too much information.

Sarah is wonderfully friendly, experienced, enthusiastic and a delight to listen to. I really like how she explains why she does things in an easy-to-understand way without being condescending.

I have been growing for many years now, but I'm still learning from the weekly content, demonstrations, advice cards and support that Sarah sends.

If Grow Your Own Club had been around when I was learning, I could have learned much, much faster, had lots of early wins, and avoided some of the expensive (and embarrassing) rookie mistakes I made in the early days!" 

- Ginny of Nelson

How much does it cost to be a member?
Membership costs $5 per week (19.95 per month), that's less than one cup of coffee per week! Money back guarantee, no questions asked!

"Sarah has rescued my garden! I experienced information overload in my first year of growing, got very confused and I made many costly mistakes. This time around my garden is thriving, have saved a ton on veggies and I have spent no time trawling through the internet!"- Simone Greer of Wellington.

"If Grow Your Own Club had been around when I was learning, I could have learned much, much faster, had lots of early wins, and avoided some of the expensive (and embarrassing) rookie mistakes I made in the early days!" - Ginny of Nelson.


Try module one for free and start planning your garden today!